Not all car accident claims are successful

Reputable personal injury solicitors will be quick to tell you that not all personal injury claims are successful. The courts do not take kindly to the people who waste their time bring a case when they are doing something illegal themselves.

A perfect illustration of this is the case of a woman who was involved in a car crash in Northern Ireland. The woman was severely injured in the accident and felt she was entitled to personal injury compensation. She had been driving to Belfast International Airport, late in the evening, when her car hit a Royal Mail vehicle coming in the opposite direction.

The woman filed her claim for compensation and said the driver of the Royal Mail lorry swerved in front of her. The Royal Mail however said their driver was not to blame and it was the woman who swerved.

When the case came to court, it transpired that the woman had been talking on her mobile phone when the accident happened. The judge ruled against her, declaring that the accident most likely happened because she was using her phone at the time.

It is illegal in the UK to drive while using a hand-held mobile device, including smartphones and PDAs. In fact the results of a recent survey suggest that driving while playing around with your phone is more dangerous than driving under the influence of drugs or drink driving.

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