£500 personal injury compensation for child bitten by Alsatian

Personal injury solicitors are sometimes asked to act on behalf of children who have been bitten by dogs.

In one such case recently, a mother of three was ordered to pay £500 personal injury compensation to a school child that was bitten by her dog.

The child, whose name has been withheld for legal reasons, was unaware that the animal posed a danger. The young boy stroked the animal, which was not on its lead, but the dog turned on him and bit his left arm. He fell to the ground, and was once again attacked by the animal.

The owner of the dog expressed her deep sympathy for the injuries the child suffered at the hands of her dog. She claims that the gate to her property was bolted and she had no idea how the Alsatian managed to escape in July 2010. She was heavily pregnant at the time and was unable to go out and look for the dog when she became aware that it was missing. She went on to say that the dog is still missing and she has no idea where it is.

In addition to settling the victim’s personal injury claim for £500, the dog’s owner was ordered to pay court costs of £85.

Unfortunate incidents like this do sometimes occur and if you or a family member has suffered at the teeth of a dog, you are entitled to claim compensation. If you want to make a claim, you should visit a personal injury solicitor who will inform you of your legal rights.

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