£70,000 personal injury claim after fall in snow

Although the winter weather appears to be behind us, personal injury solicitors are still handling compensation claims on behalf of people who fell on snow and ice.

In one such instance, a worker in the Midlands lodged a personal injury claim against his local council after he fell in the snow. The man was employed by Leicester City Council as a park warden and he had been putting up signs warning the public of treacherous conditions when he slipped in the snow, sustaining painful injuries to his neck, back, arms and wrist.

Leicester City Council has admitted liability for the accident and the victim will receive £70,000 in personal injury compensation to cover his suffering and the legal fees incurred in the case.

The Mayor of Leicester, Sir Peter Soulsby, said the council must take its health and safety responsibilities towards both staff and members of the general public seriously. The council has now taken action to avoid a similar incident happening in the future and workers who need to venture out in treacherous conditions will be issued with slip-on shoe soles with studs.

Cold weather always brings an increased risk of personal injury and businesses should make sure they take whatever action is needed to limit the risk of injuries occurring on their land or premises. Victims of weather related accidents should visit a personal injury solicitor if they want to claim compensation.

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