Nestlé employee suffers fatal personal injury at work

One Nestlé employee lost his life in a recent fatal personal injury at work that has led to massive fines for the company and could lead to an accident solicitor firm bringing suit on behalf of the slain man’s family, experts say.

55 year old Nazar Hussain, employed at the Albion Mill Nestlé plant located in Halifax, had been inside a depalletising machine when a colleague, unaware of the man’s presence within the apparatus, restarted the machinery.  Mr Hussain was understood to have entered the machine in order to clear a blockage to clear a selection of large sweet tins that had jammed up the machine and tripping an alarm earlier that day.

The Health and Safety Executive investigated the worker’s death, discovering that while the depalletiser had a safety-key system in order to stop the machine in the event of an emergency, Nestlé had neglected to educate all of its employees as to its purpose and the proper use of the system.  The company had been warned by the HSE, in writing, as early as six years prior to the incident, informing Nestlé that it needed to improve machine controls in order to preclude workers being able to re-start it while an employee was inside.

Jackie Ferguson, an inspector for the HSE, commented on Mr Hussain’s tragic death, stating that it could have all too easily been avoided if Nestlé had taken steps to place more robust systems in place. The lack of the ability to control safe entry into the depalletising machine led to the man’s death, Ferguson said, and held the company directly responsible, calling their negligence ‘inexcusable.’

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