Manufacturing worker suffers personal injury at work

The employee of a manufacturing firm based in Warwickshire suffered a personal injury at work after a power press crushed his hand, leading to the man’s employer to be prosecuted by the Government’s Health and Safety Executive, personal injury solicitor experts recently reported.

The unnamed twenty three year old worker had been employed for Ricor Ltd, a components manufacturing company, through an agency, in order to work at their Studley-based manufacturing plant prior to the accident, Leamington Spa Magistrates’ Court was told.    Personal injury compensation experts say that the employee had been working on the removal of finished components from one of the factory’s production lines when the guards of the machine trapped his hand, resulting in it becoming crushed when the power press activated.

The twenty three year old employee suffered such devastating damage to his index and middle fingers that surgical experts had no choice but to amputate each, resulting in his life changing in significant ways.  The injured worker now finds everyday tasks that used to be easy quite difficult, and his injuries still cause him pain, legal experts reported.

The safety guards that had been fitted to the press had been maintained poorly, the HSE investigation discovered, leading to their failure in stopping the piece of machinery when the hand of the worker entered the dangerous inner workings.  As a result of the investigation and subsequent prosecution of the company, Ricor Ltd was told to pay a fine of £10,000, along with an additional £5,407 in legal costs, after it entered a plea of guilty to breaching regulations covering the provision and use of work equipment.

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