New no win no fee proposals minor step in right direction

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers has welcomed the House of Lords’ decision to exempt industrial disease victims from the no win no fee proposals in the new Bill currently being debated in Parliament.

APIL’s chief executive, Deborah Evans, said this is good news for people who have suffered an industrial disease and it is vital that this important amendment is not overturned when the bill returns to the House of Commons for further debate.

However, it is devastating that other people who may want to make a personal injury claim are not being granted the same degree of consideration. These people may also have had their lives shattered by someone else and yet they are to be denied access to a no win no fee personal injury solicitor.

Many genuine claimants will be denied access to justice and even those who can afford to claim will have their personal injury compensation award reduced.

She went on to say that we a moral obligation to make sure vulnerable people get the protection they deserve but this new Bill is a step backwards.

David Cameron is determined to rid the UK of its compensation culture, but is denying people the right to access justice really the right way to go about it? The government needs to find a way to stop people making spurious claims, whilst ensuring the genuine claimants can still get the compensation they rightly deserve.

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