Personal injury at work costs employer more than £8,500

Personal injury solicitors recently represented a man who sustained serious injuries to his hand because of an accident at work.

The personal injury at work happened when the man was cleaning some steel drums in preparation for re-use. This task was not part of his regular working routine and the machine that would normally have done it was out of operation.

The victim suffered a deep gash to his hand when he touched some blades that were at the bottom of one of the drums. The damage he suffered would not have been anywhere near as bad if he had been provided with cut-resistant gloves.

The damage to one of the nerves in his hand was so bad that he required an operation and was absent from work for several weeks. Even now he still bears the scar and has lost some of the sensation in his injured finger.

After the incident, the man contacted a firm of solicitors for help in lodging a personal injury claim against his employer. He felt his employer acted negligently by not providing him with the protective clothing and training required to carry out his task safely.

The company concerned did admit liability for the incident and after some negotiating offered a personal injury compensation settlement in excess of £8,500.

Accidents at work are still commonplace in the UK despite the strict health and safety regulations laid down by the HSE. If you have been a victim of a similar incident and want to claim compensation, contact your nearest personal injury solicitor without delay.

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