Don’t get left with a personal injury claim on April Fools Day

It’s April the first – the traditional April Fools Day – the day when we love playing practical jokes on other people. Unfortunately, those jokes can sometimes backfire badly.

A firm of personal injury solicitors recently advised people that playing practical jokes could mean they end up on the receiving end of a personal injury claim.

Every year we play around ten million jokes on April Fools Day and some of them have been very believable hoaxes. Take the BBC’s 1957 Panorama programme for example. Viewers saw a documentary all about spaghetti trees growing in Switzerland! The BBC was inundated with telephone calls after the programme from viewers wanting to purchase a spaghetti tree.

Thousands of left-handed Americans rushed to order a new type of burger after Burger King advertised ‘Left-handed Whoppers’ in 1998. And last year we saw the launch of the edible newspaper.

These pranks are harmless fun and nobody is likely to get hurt. But if there is the slightest chance that your prank could lead to somebody getting hurt, it’s best not to carry it out. You may not even realise that it has the potential to harm, but as any personal injury lawyer will tell you, accidents continue to happen with monotonous regularity.

If you don’t want to spend the summer with the threat of a huge personal injury compensation suit hanging over you, enjoy today but keep your pranks on the intellectual rather than the physical level!

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