Personal injury solicitor in Manchester welcomes ruling

A new UK Supreme Court ruling regarding personal injury claims stemming from asbestos exposure has been welcomed by a personal injury solicitor in Manchester, with legal experts saying the legal ruling will safeguard the rights of countless local residents.

Liability for asbestos-linked ailments, such as the aggressive lung cancer mesothelioma, has been firmly placed on the shoulders of insurers that offered personal injury compensation cover at the time of an employee exposure instead of the onset of symptoms, according to the Supreme Court ruling.  With it sometimes taking decades for exposure to asbestos to present itself, companies can come and go, leaving those suffering from asbestos-related maladies no recourse. However, under the new ruling, the insurers of these firms are being held directly liable in the event a decades-old firm has since gone out of business.

Injury experts say that, but for the intervention of the Supreme Court, a minimum of 4 out of every 5 asbestos-related claims would have been summarily dismissed due to lack of a defendant.  However, local Manchester solicitor firms now have no need to turn away those in need, as the North West has become a hotbed of injury and illness linked to the deadly fibres.

Asbestos was used as a fireproofing material in the 20th century for decades until the discovery was made linking inhalation of the airborne fibres to certain classes of illnesses like mesothelioma.  Many older dwellings may have asbestos insulation, which is relatively benign unless disturbed, but industry experts strongly recommend the removal of any and all asbestos by professional contractors whenever it is found present in a building.


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