Medical negligence admitted by North West NHS Trust

A North West NHS Trust recently found itself in hot water after personal injury solicitors acted on behalf of two patients who received kidney transplants.

The Royal Liverpool University hospital admitted medical negligence after the two patients were given a kidney from a donor with B-cell lymphoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer.

The patients were informed of the mistake a few days after their transplant operation and had to undergo six cycles of chemotherapy. They have been informed that they are not showing any signs of having developed the cancer but confirmation scans will be conducted shortly.

Organ transplants are overseen by the NHS Blood and Transplant and a spokesperson said the mistake occurred because a nurse who was still undergoing training gave the all-clear for the transplant to go ahead. Lynda Hamlyn, the chief executive of the NHSBT was quick to give an unreserved apology to the two patients and said the transplants would not have gone ahead if the surgeon had known about the donor’s condition.

The two organ recipients said this should not deter others from having a transplant but they wanted NHS Trusts throughout the UK to learn from the mistake and make sure incidents like this do not occur in the future. 60-year-old Mr Law said he strongly believes a comprehensive report needs to be published stating what measures have been implemented to prevent a tragic recurrence.

It has not been divulged whether the two patients have filed personal injury claims for compensation, although it is likely that negotiations are ongoing between their lawyers and the NHS Trusts involved.

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