Team building exercise leads to executive’s personal injury

Personal injury solicitors may be interested to learn that a banking executive has won the right to make a personal injury claim against a centre that runs team building exercises.

Louise Pinchbeck, aged 44, was taking part in a team building exercise at Guildford’s Craggy Island indoor climbing centre when the accident occurred in March 2008. She jumped from a low climbing wall, a distance of around five feet, and as a result suffered a badly broken ankle.

Ms Pinchbeck decided that the owners of the centre were liable for her injury and she believes she has a right to personal injury compensation. She said that although the team was given expert advice and supervision on how to tackle the majority of the activities, nobody told her how to use the bouldering wall safely.

The High Court in London agreed that she has a case against the owners of the Craggy Island centre and Ms Pinchbeck is now free to file a claim for damages.

Companies that run these types of leisure activities have a duty to ensure that everyone who uses their facilities receives the advice and supervision they need to let them enjoy them in safety.

If you feel you have been the victim of an accident that could have easily been prevented if better safety measures had been in place, you are fully within your rights to claim recompense from the owners of the establishment. A reputable firm of personal injury lawyers will be more than happy to give you advice on the right way to proceed with your claim.

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