M5 coach crash survivors want personal injury compensation

Personal injury solicitors have already been contacted by some of the survivors of the M5 coach crash last month who want to claim personal injury compensation.

35 fruitpackers survived the horrific crash and despite fearing that they could be sacked if they file a personal injury claim they have decided to pursue recompense.

One of the lawyers who will be representing the victims explained that a worrying picture is starting to emerge surrounding the accident. Claim Today Solicitors would like to speak to anyone who witnessed the accident so it can build up an effective case for its clients. Rob Bhol, the MD of the company, said he was aware that some of the workers did not want to come forward because they think they will lose their jobs, but he wanted to reassure them that their employment rights would be protected.

The accident happened near Halesowen at 6am on March 24th. The fruitpackers were on their way to work in Evesham when a lorry crashed into their stationary coach. A 35-year old passenger from Smethwick died in the accident and the 65-year-old lorry driver died later in hospital.

Apparently the coach had broken down on the motorway about 12 minutes before the accident occurred. The coach driver was later arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving.

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