Teacher wins her compensation case, loses out on damages

While a teacher who has been on full sick pay for several years has prevailed in her unfair dismissal claim made against her employers, the woman’s personal injury compensation payout has been denied by an employment tribunal.

The tribunal made the decision that the personal injury at work supposedly sustained by Anna Yerrakalva, a former teacher in Boldon-on-Dearne’s Dearne Carrfield Primary School, had not been reported accurately by the Sheffield native.  Judge Stephen Shore remarked that Mrs Yerrakalva would not be eligible for a compensation award, even though the case had been decided in her favour regarding how she had been a victim of unfair dismissal due to her disability, stating that the woman had persisted in several falsehoods that had cast a pall of uncertainty over the veracity of her testimony.

The teacher had been 100 per cent responsible for her own unfair dismissal, according to the tribunal.  Mrs Yerrakalva, 58 years old of age, stated that her injuries originated from a teaching assistant falling atop her after suffering an epileptic fit in a classroom that left her trapped beneath the assistant, leaving her with injuries to her upper spine, neck, and chest.

While it was discovered in an investigation that the assistant did indeed have a fit, the injuries sustained by the teacher were not from the incident.  Between the legal costs incurred by the long-running case and the £30,000 paid to Mrs Yerrakalva on an annual basis, Barnsley Council said the total cost had been more than £300,000 from 2003 to today.

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