How much is your sense of taste and smell worth?

A holiday-maker from Scotland has lodged a personal injury claim after he sustained a head injury whilst travelling on an open top bus in New York.

The 61-year-old tourist instructed his personal injury solicitor to fight for personal injury compensation of £1 million because the accident caused him to loss his sense of both taste and smell. The victim said that people take these senses for granted and don’t realise how valuable they are until they’ve lost them.

He explained that he used to enjoy eating hot spicy food, but since the accident he only feels the texture of the food and not the taste. Although he still goes out for meals, it’s nowhere near as enjoyable a pastime as it used to be.

The accident happened when he was on an open top sightseeing bus tour of New York. He was struck on the head by a low-hanging branch that knocked-him out and left him unconscious for a few minutes. He was later taken to hospital for an examination.

The personal injury lawyer acting on behalf of the tourist said this was an unusual case. A jury should be considering a high six-figure sum in compensation. The minimum acceptable settlement has been set at $75,000 (around £47,300) although the victim obviously believes he deserves much more.

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