Woman to claim personal injury compensation after fall in street

A Scottish care worker has asked personal injury solicitors to file a claim for personal injury compensation on her behalf after she broke her left knee tripping over a bollard.

The accident happened on a Dunbartonshire street last year. According to the 39-year-old woman, she was didn’t see the broken bollard because it was around 7:30 in the evening and already getting dark. The first she knew of the obstacle’s existence was when she fell and snapped the bone. She went on to say that she would need to be in plaster for around six weeks and cannot put any weight on her left leg.

Apparently the local council was already aware that the bollard posed a hazard and therefore the victim believes she is perfectly within her rights to lodge a personal injury claim against it. In fact, a passer-by who helped the victim did confirm that the council knew about the broken bollard.

He explained that people kept tripping over it as they left one of the shops and the shopkeeper had asked him to report it to the council as he was not a confident English speaker. The council told him they would come and inspect it and in the meantime a cone was put over it as a safety measure.

However, people kept removing the cones and so the accidents continued to happen. An elderly lady tripped over the bollard and received a nasty injury to her head, and at that point he phoned the council again, he said.

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