Girl starved of oxygen at birth wins £1 million compensation

A £1 million lump sum personal injury compensation award is part of the settlement that has recently been granted to a young girl who was starved of oxygen at birth.

The girl, who is now aged 6, was delivered at Northampton General Hospital. However, her delivery was delayed by four hours and while she was still in the womb she was starved of oxygen. This medical negligence on behalf of the hospital led the girl to suffer severe injury to her brain.

She is now autistic, epileptic and has kidney problems. Her injuries as so severe that she will need constant, extensive care for the remainder of her life.

The girl’s family contacted a firm of personal injury solicitors who raised a compensation claim on her behalf. They claim that staff at Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust were negligent during the birth process and the long delay was directly responsible for the injuries the young girl sustained.

Reports suggest that the High Court in London has approved a financial award package that includes the lump sum payout of £1 million plus yearly payments of £155,000, which will increase to £282,000 when the girl reaches the age of 21 in March 2027.

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