Personal injury solicitors win £18,000 for injured cyclist

A cyclist has received £18,000 in personal injury compensation after he was knocked off his bike in a car accident.

The 64-year-old man from Exeter was cycling to work when the accident happened in October 2009. He was going along the city’s Heavitree Road when suddenly a car shot across his path. He tried to avoid a collision by slamming on his brakes but as a result he flew over the handle bars of his bike and was thrown into the side of the other vehicle.

The victim, who worked as a bus driver for Stagecoach, sustained injuries to his elbow, head and both knees. He was absent from work for five months and even after he returned he had problems driving certain buses because his leg could not cope with the pressure he exerted on it.

The driver was a member of the RMT trade union and it instructed a firm of personal injury solicitors to file a compensation claim on behalf of the member. The motorist accepted liability for the incident and the personal injury claim was settled out of court.

After settlement, the victim said his injuries could have been a lot worse if he hadn’t managed to react quickly enough. At first he had not considered claiming compensation but as he was absent from work for some time, he realised he needed to take action. The RMT has a free legal service for its members and he decided that would be the best way to proceed.

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