UK Border Force pays out £10,000 personal injury compensation

A worker for the UK Border Force has received personal injury compensation after he suffered a personal injury at work.

Prior to the incident, the victim had twice informed his employer that he urgently needed new work boots, but he did not receive them. Because the soles on his boots were so worn down, the man slipped on a walkway at Dover Docks and jarred his neck. He also fractured his elbow and a previous knee injury flared up again.

The 47-year-old man was absent from work for four weeks and even after he returned he could only cope with light duties. He has received physiotherapy for his neck injury but eight months after the accident occurred, he is still not able to carry out all his previous duties.

A firm of personal injury solicitors agreed to investigate on his behalf and although the Border Force refused to accept liability for the man’s injuries, they did agree to pay him an out of court settlement of £10,000.

The victim explained that he had requested new footwear several months before the accident occurred. His contract of employment said he must wear the footwear he was provided with and he therefore had no option but to continue wearing the shoes even though he knew they were dangerous.

Interestingly, he was provided with new footwear immediately after the accident. But this has to be a classic of case of prevention is better than cure!

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