Government needs to tackle no win no fee lawyers

The Government needs to take on no win no fee lawyers that are driving the compensation and personal injury claims culture in the UK, according to the North Lincs Health and Safety Group’s chairman, Dave Jones.

Mr Jones stated that he was glad to hear that 83 per cent of current legislation covering personal injury at work and other health and safety issues will be done away with or changed, according to announcements made in the recent Budget.  Health and safety drives much of the compensation culture that has developed in the UK, the chairman said, alongside personal injury solicitors that operate on a no win no fee basis and claimants bringing bogus or spurious personal injury claims, but Mr Jones expressed skepticism as to whether the regulatory reform will have a large enough impact.

The chairman’s comments came at the group’s annual meeting, which was followed by a presentation on how to use display screen equipment.  Mr Jones urged employees and employers alike to take regular mini-breaks when it came to using display screens for extended periods of time, and that the adoption of time management skills for both workers and bosses could not be understated.

Take a break before you start feeling the affects of fatigue, the chairman warned, as he stressed how important it is to sit correctly at a display screen.  McBride Phisotherapy’s Ian McBride followed Mr Jones in pointing out that lower back pain is just as common in ordinary jobs as it is in manual tasks, and that discs can bulge quite easily if workers are sitting in compromising positions at a desk for hours upon hours every day.


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