Family of mesothelioma victim win £75,000 compensation

The family of a man who contracted the terminal cancer mesothelioma while working as a maintenance worker have been successful in their bid to secure personal injury compensation from his former employer.

The victim was exposed to deadly asbestos dust at a branch of Chase Manhattan Bank during the 1970s. As part of his job he had to saw asbestos boards with the result that he inhaled extensive quantities of asbestos dust. He and his fellow colleagues were offered no form of protection against the fibres.

After he was diagnosed with the terminal disease, he contacted a firm of personal injury solicitors to fight his case. They filed an urgent personal injury claim against JPMorgan Chase & Co but his condition deteriorated rapidly and he passed away at St Joseph’s Hospice shortly afterwards.

The victim’s family wanted the case to proceed and the solicitors managed to negotiate a settlement of £75,000.

The solicitor who represented the victim said he was astounded that employers disregarded critical advice about asbestos in the 70s and 80s even though a lot of information about its dangers had been published. A lot of deaths could have been avoided if companies had heeded advice. Several individuals have suffered terribly from mesothelioma and this could easily have been prevented. The symptoms of the disease are incredibly painful and its not only the victims who suffer; their families suffer alongside them.

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