Accident solicitor wins compensation for man hit by fridge

A waste management firm has been ordered to pay personal injury compensation after one of its workers damaged his shoulder in an accident at work.

The personal injury at work occurred in the summer of 2009 when a 61-year-old Somerset man was working for Wincanton Logistics. As part of his job, the victim had to move and unload lorries that contained scrap from the home delivery depots of Comet. These lorries were often full of unwanted household appliances.

The man had complained to his employer on several occasions about the dangerous manner in which the vehicles were loaded. Things were just haphazardly thrown in and other employees had been injured in the past.

On the day the accident occurred, the victim opened the back of the vehicle as usual and without warning was hit by a falling fridge which injured his neck, shoulder and chest.

He could not drive for two months after the incident and it was a further two months before he was able to return to a driving job. During that time he was made redundant.

The man belonged to the Unite trade union and he contacted them for advice. It asked a company of personal injury solicitors to raise a claim for compensation on his behalf. Wincanton Logistics did admit liability for the man’s injuries and an out of court settlement was agreed.

After the settlement his accident solicitor explained that Wincanton had ignored the victim’s warnings about the dangerous manner in which the lorries were loaded and he was therefore constantly obliged to work in an unsafe environment.

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