7 construction workers could file personal injury claims

Seven construction workers could be about to instruct personal injury solicitors to raise claims on their behalf after they were injured at work.

The men all suffered a personal injury at work when they were working on the construction of a new atrium at Liverpool’s John Moores University Art and Design Academy back in September 2007.

The Health and Safety Executive conducted an investigation after the incident and discovered the scaffolding supporting the men collapsed as they were pumping concrete onto the building’s third floor.

As a result, they suffered broken bones and their eyes and skin were affected with cement burns. Both the main contractor and the sub-contractor of the project were subsequently prosecuted for failing to adhere to Health and Safety regulations and the victims may now go ahead and claim personal injury compensation.

Health and Safety Executive inspector, Susan Ritchie, said the scaffolding collapse caused the seven men to fall about 10 metres onto wet concrete containing assorted bits of wood and metal.

This case is another example of an accident that would never have happened if proper safety measures had been implemented in advance. Despite the UK’s strict Health and Safety regulations, we still see far too many similar instances where, with a little forethought, major injuries could have been prevented.

If you have been involved in an accident at work, you are fully entitled to claim compensation from your employer and you should contact a personal injury solicitor to discuss your options.

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