Fatal personal injury at work may lead to compensation claim

A fatal personal injury at work may soon lead to the family of the slain man to seek personal injury compensation from his former employers, according to legal experts familiar with the incident.

It was November of 2009 when Christopher Fox was crushed beneath an overturning tractor.  The 60 year old man had been working in Worksop for the GMT Foljambe 1996 Discretionary Trust at the time, and had been working on a project felling trees at the time of the incident.

The tractor, which had been employed in controlling the direction of each tree as it fell, unexpectedly tipped over, subsequently landing on top of the worker and instantly killing him.  In the wake of the tragic fatal accident, the Health and Safety Executive investigated the incident, only to discover that one of the trustees of Mr Fox’s employer, George Michaelt Thornhagh Foljambe, had neglected to offer the worker proper advice on how to operate the equipment he had been using just prior to his death.

THe HSE’s David Butter remarked that tree-felling is an inherently high-risk activity.  Anyone who comes to work on such a project must be given sufficient levels of training in order to be prepared for the task at hand, Mr Butter added, and industry experts say that those who neglect to provide that training to their employees are in danger of being found responsible for any accidents that may occur during the course of any work carried out.

No further information is yet available as to whether the family of the slain worker will be pursuing compensation from his employers.

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