Birmingham City Council hit by personal injury claims

274 successfully personal injury claims, costing nearly £5 million, have been made against Birmingham City Council in the past five years.

The Birmingham Mail recently revealed that personal injury solicitors have represented clients suffering from asbestos exposure and personal injuries at work.

Personal injuries at work seem to constitute a major problem for the council. One worker received £15,000 personal injury compensation last year after being struck by a falling object, whilst another got almost £11,000 after suffering hand arm vibration. One employee even raised a claim after a toilet seat collapsed; he won £1,750.

A spokesman for the Council said it employed as many as 48,000 people and the claims represented just 0.4% of the total workforce. He went on to explain that Birmingham City Council takes the welfare of its employees very seriously and whilst it prides itself on the way it manages safety, there is always room for improvement.

Helen Bradin, from Bradin Trubshaw solicitors, said that health and safety does serve a purpose even though everybody complains about the compensation culture in the UK. Workplace injuries can lead to compensation payouts in the tens of thousands of pounds when things go wrong, and these injuries could easily have been prevented if employers carried out adequate risk assessments in the first place.

Birmingham City Council is one of the larger compensation payers when it comes to employee injuries so maybe their health and safety measures are not as good as they think they are!

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