Teenager falls through floor leading to compensation claim

A teenager has lodged a personal injury claim after sustaining a back injury whilst on a night out in the Merseyside town of St Helens.

The young lady has visited a firm of personal injury solicitors and they are going to help her pursue her claim for personal injury compensation against the owners of a fast food premises in the town.

The victim had been celebrating her 18th birthday in the town when she and her friends visited Carlos Pizza, a fast food outlet. Unfortunately, while she was in the establishment, the tiled floor collapsed and she was plunged about eight feet down to the concrete basement below.

An ambulance crew was called and at first they thought she had suffered a broken back. Luckily it was later discovered that she had only sustained bruising and swelling.

Her injuries were so severe that she is still having problems moving her back and neck. She explained that the ambulance crew had to give her gas and air after the accident because she was having problems breathing and they told her she was lucky that her neck had not been broken in the fall.

The victim was indeed lucky. This incident could have been a lot more serious and although she is still suffering pain, she will eventually make a good recovery.

The owners of retail premises have a duty to ensure the safety of their customers and in this case they were negligent because the floor of the shop was unsafe.

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