Scottish woman claims compensation after hair turns ginger

A woman from Scotland asked advice from a firm of personal injury solicitors after her head was burned during a visit to a hairdresser.

As a result, the 34-year-old has now raised a personal injury claim for damages after her scalp was burned and her hair turned ginger after she received treatment back in June 2010.

The complaint papers that were filed at Edinburgh’s Court of Session stated that the victim wanted personal injury compensation of £30,000 as restitution for her ordeal that had also left her suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

The victim went to the home of hairdresser Ms McNally because she wanted to have her hair, which had been dyed black, transformed back to blonde. In order to achieve this, chemicals need to be added to the hair and these burned her scalp. It has been reported that her distress was such that she could hardly speak when she came out of the salon.

Ms McNally contests the claim saying the customer would not allow her to perform the necessary safety tests prior to the colouring. A hair strand test should be performed to ensure the chemicals in the dye do not adversely affect the client’s hair or scalp. The hairdresser also added that her client has happy with the treatment at the time.

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