We now have crash for cash on the buses!

We’ve all heard of crash for cash scams. Usually they occur when somebody deliberately crashes into another vehicle and then claims personal injury compensation for whiplash.

Now crooks have come up with a new scam that involves multiple bus passengers filing fake personal injury claims after a car purposely crashes into the bus.

Police are currently investigating one such scam after 36 passengers filed an insurance claim following an incident where an Audi TT deliberately crashed into a park and ride bus.

In one county alone there were five suspicious crashes involving public transport and these led to fraudulent claims valued at a total of £1 million.

Ken Clarke, the Justice Secretary, revealed details of the scams at a recent Whiplash Summit. He wants to put an end to these claims that are causing insurance premiums for honest motorists to sky rocket. He said special medical teams will weed out fraudsters and personal injury solicitors will be forbidden to offer no win no fee deals to ‘victims’.

Britain has the unenviable title of Whiplash Capital of Europe. Around 1,500 claims are made every day with the average compensation being £1,500. But lawyers can earn as much as £9,000 a case!

Edmund King, the president of the AA, said the UK has fewer crashes than the rest of Europe, but still manages to have more claims. Either Brits have weaker necks, or more fraudsters.

Seven people have been arrested in Cheshire suspected of conspiring to commit fraud by taking part in the bus passenger whiplash scam.

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