GPs bogged down with false personal injury claimants

An astonishing 60% of GPs say they have noticed that more patients have been feigning injuries in order to file claims for personal injury compensation over the last couple of years.

Research from the car insurance company LV= also discovered that 87% of GPs have seen a patient who has invented an injury and 96% said they thought a patient was exaggerating the extent of their injuries.

Estimates say that every month UK GPs waste 29,000 hours coping with people who want to make false personal injury claims and dealing with claims management companies.

Claims management companies and personal injury solicitors are in some ways to blame for the increase. Over the last 12 months 60% of people who have been involved in a car accident say they have been contacted by claims management companies or solicitors pestering them to make a claim for compensation.

A lot of people still believe they can get away with filing fraudulent claims even though the government is cracking down on financial crime. Around 25% of those who have been involved in RTAs over the last 12 months admit they tried to make up or exaggerate injuries and 23% made up an injury just so they could make a claim.

The courts take a dim view of this sort of behaviour as four people found out to their cost earlier this year. The four invented a car accident and claimed it caused them to suffer a variety of injuries. Instead of getting the compensation they craved, the Royal Courts of Justice awarded them with custodial sentences.

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