Lift falls 100ft with man inside at Cornwall hotel

While Stephen Dinsdale was undoubtedly looking for a wild ride when he went off on a stag weekend in 2010, he wasn’t expecting to ride a runaway lift down a 100ft drop at a Cornwall hotel.

The 44 year old Surrey native injured his knee after he was trapped within a lift at the Hotel Victoria, which became stuck before plummeting 100 feet.  Mr Dinsdale has since sought legal advice, and his team of personal injury solicitors are currently seeking damages from the hotel’s proprietors, who declined to comment due to the fact that the legal matter was currently working its way through the system.

Six people including Mr Dinsdale had become trapped within the lift, which is used to transport guests of the hotel to a small cove located below the cliffs.  The man was told along with his five friends that hotel staff would manually winch the lift down to the ground, though it fell instead, an event that he called ‘terrifying’ and left two other people within the lift with injuries as well.

It took more than eighty emergency service workers to rescue those trapped within the lift, including not one but two fully crewed lifeboats, a requirement due to the fact that the cove could only be accessed from the sea at the time of day that the incident occurred due to the high tide.  Things just went incredibly wrong on the very first day of the weekend, Mr Dinsdale, a father of two, said in a recent interview, who added he had been looking forward to having an enjoyable stag weekend with his mates and not riding a lift down a cliffside at breakneck speed.

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