North Cumbria NHS Trust admits medical negligence

The North Cumbria NHS Trust was recently sent home with its tail between its legs, after being forced to admit medical negligence in a case involving a woman being administered a dose of labour-inducing drug that was a mind-boggling 32 times stronger than normal, leading to a heart attack and a ruptured uterus.

Nicola Crelling’s legal team of personal injury solicitors have secured her an interim payment from the West Cumberland Hospital in Whitehaven, after she received a 2,000 microgram dose of misoprostol in order to induce the birth of her stillborn child.  However, such a high dose, which was administered in three parts, was 32 times the safe amount, according to an expert’s estimation.

Steve, Nicola’s husband, recounted the harrowing experience to the News and Star newspaper, stating that he had heard a strange noise that he interpreted as his wife’s water breaking.  He had been informing the midwife of his suspicions when Nicola suddenly convulsed, twisting her hands and turning purple; to Steve, it looked like Nicola had just been administered an electric shock, but what had actually happened that the high dose of medication she had been given flooded her blood stream with fluid from her womb, causing both a heart attack and a ruptured uterus, leaving her suffering from oxygen deprivation that left her with massive brain damage.

Nicola, who can neither talk nor walk after the ordeal, has been awarded an interim damages payment of £750,000 from the NHS Trust in the wake of doctors admitting their negligence, as medical negligence claims easily cost the NHS six to seven figures.  A High Court judge located in Preston approved the interim payment to the now-paralysed woman, who is understood to end up receiving a multi-millon pound settlement once the matter is settled in court.

The compensation will go towards Nicola’s lifetime care needs, and will enable Steven, who gave up his job to care for his beloved wife after the accident, to provide her with the 24 hour a day care she now so desperately needs.

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