A pint of milk and a personal injury compensation claim, please!

It might soon be possible to nip down to the Co-op when you want to make a claim for personal injury compensation!

The Co-operative intends to hire more than 2,000 solicitors in a bid to become one of the UK’s largest chains of solicitors. The Bristol based Co-operative Legal Services arm of the company already has 450 staff, but it now intends to offer legal services to non-members through five hubs.

The new hubs will offer a range of services including conveyancing, divorce, personal injury claims and will writing.

Peter Marks, the chief executive of the co-op, said there is a massive market but people have no idea where to go to get the help they need. They get put off visiting a solicitor because of the cost and the Co-op aims to change that.

With the Co-op’s system, the initial call will be free and every client will be quoted a fixed price that will include the cost of letters and phone calls so clients will not have to worry about the “extras” most personal injury solicitors add on.

In March this year, the co-op was given permission to compete with private legal firms under the Legal Services Act.

It will be good to see some new competition enter the legal marketplace. Hopefully the Co-op will come up with an affordable pricing structure and not stoop to some of the dirty tricks employed by unscrupulous injury solicitors.

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