eBay campaign highlights unethical insurance company practices

Spencers Solicitors has launched a campaign against unethical insurance companies.

The firm of personal injury solicitors wants to prove to the world that it champions the cause of genuine personal injury claims. Earlier this week it launched a new microsite and some digital ambient ads that highlight the unethical practices employed by some insurance companies.

The microsite hosts a game in which the participant attempts to bring chaos to an auction where personal injury lawyers are bidding to get the details of injury victims. MBA is putting this campaign on eBay, under the guise of a legal firm selling the details of an injured person’s case, as a way of promoting the practice of auctioning claims.

MBA managing partner, Paul Munce, said the firm was tasked to develop a campaign that highlights the unethical practices many insurance companies employ when they deal with individuals claims and the way they sell claims data. MBA’s creative strategy does that by positioning Spencers as the firm to go to if claimants want a company that puts their best interests at heart. The campaign wants to create buzz and help dispel the negative reputation of the personal injury sector.

It’s true that there are many unethical companies out there. We have ambulance-chasing lawyers, insurers selling on client details and claims management companies who will resort to any means possible to net in potential business. There’s no doubt that these practices have to stop, but is Spencers’ “game” enough to stop them?

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