Lorry driver falls from truck, suffers injury at work

One lorry driver from Devon suffered personal injury at work when he fell from his truck while trying to remove a cover from the load he was hauling, personal injury solicitor experts recently reported.

Lee Waters tumbled to the solid concrete floor below his tipper truck when he fell from the top as he sought to adjust the grain delivery he had been making to the Mole Valley feed mill.  The thirty four year old Devizes native had to spend a full week in hospital, as he suffered both a fractured wrist and a fractured pelvis in his fall from height, and needed to spend a total of eleven weeks in recovery before he could return to work.

The Government’s Health and Safety Executive launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Mr Waters’ injury, discovering that his employer had neglected to put the proper safety procedure in place that would have made it a certainty that the cover could not be removed in any manner besides safely.  The HSE chose to prosecute Mole Valley Feed Solutions, Ltd in a hearing at Chippenham Magistrates Court, with the South Molton, Devon-based firm being given a fine of £6,000 and told to pay £4,087 in legal fees after it pleaded guilty to breaching health and safety regulations regarding safe working practices at height.

In the wake of the court hearing, one inspector for the HSE remarked that it was absolutely crucial for firms to supply their staff with the equipment necessary to working at height in a safe manner.

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