Boat builder from Isle of Wight falls from height, breaks arm

One boat builder employed by a company based on the Isle of Wight recently broke his arm after falling from height, personal injury solicitor experts recently reported.

The unnamed man, whose identity has been kept under wraps due to privacy concerns, had been employed at Clare Lallow Ltd’s Cowes location. The experienced employee had been working refurbishing a boat at the time of the incident, and tumbled nearly two metres to the ground from the wooden staging that had been erected around the boat as he attempted to pick up a specialised machine for sanding and polishing referred to as a linisher.

The man sustained a break to his arm from the fall. His injuries were severe enough to keep him from returning to work for a stretch of five months as his wounds healed, according to his personal injury claims.

Shortly after the incident, the Government’s Health and Safety Executive dispatched inspectors to investigate the incident, discovering that the staging that had been set up around the boat lacked any sort of safety measures that would have aided in the prevention of a fall. The HSE inspectors further found that the rope guard rails that had been fitted to the staging in the wake of the incident were insufficient to act as a preventative measure against any other falls from height.

The Pyle Street, Newport-registered firm admitted to violating health and safety regulations, earning a £1,000 fine for their troubles. A yacht and boat manufacturer with an international reputation, Clare Lallow is most well known for constructing former Prime Minister Ted Heath’s yacht, Morning Cloud.

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