HSE prosecuted metal polishing firm, legal experts report

Personal injury claims experts recently reported that the Government’s Health and Safety Executive has taken one West Midlands-based metal polishing firm to court after learning that two workers sustained serious personal harm in not one but two separate instances of personal injury at work.

Both incidents occurred at the Wednesbury premises of Farrelly’s Metal Polishers Ltd in the span of time between March and August of 2011.  The first accident saw one worker sustaining serious harm to his left hand after it became drawn into a machine designed to polish the edges of metal pieces, while the second incident involved one designed for polishing tubes, leaving the employee’s right hand in need of extensive skin grafts after it too was dragged inside the moving mechanisms of the machine.

The investigation carried out by HSE inspectors found that there had been no guarding present on the first machine, leading to employees that had been assigned on that machine to be in constant danger of becoming injured as a result. There had been efforts to make improvements to the safety features of all the machines on the premises following the first injury, but the guarding that had been fitted to the tube polishing machine proved inadequate for the work that was being conducted, which led to the injuries of the second employee just a few months afterwards.

The HSE prevailed against the metal polishing company at a recent hearing, with the end result being that Farrelly’s Metal Polishers Ltd admitted breaching health and safety regulations and being ordered to pay a fine of £14,000 with an additional £6,800 in court costs as well.

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