Solicitor’s television advert wins prestigious award

A television advert campaign from one personal injury solicitor firm highlighting the travails that three people from Yorkshire have faced in regards to personal injury compensation and medical negligence claims has recently won a prestigious award from the Royal Television Society.

Neil Hudgell Solicitors, the personal injury lawyers that commissioned the advert, asked Classlane Media, a business local to Yorkshire, to produce the campaign in order to make the personal legal battles faced by three of the law firm’s clients known to the public. The results have been that the adverts have been given the Royal Television Society’s regional Multi-Platform Production Award at a presentation ceremony earlier this week in Leeds.

The three law firm clients that were showcased in the campaign, Susan Reader of Selby, Keith Daddy of Hull, and Jo Roche of Bridlington, recounted their experiences in seeking personal injury compensation and how the solicitor firm aided them in securing each of their compensation awards. Neil Hudgell, the law firm’s managing director, expressed a desire to take a different path with the advert campaign, which prompted the solicitors to ask its clients to step forward and speak for themselves, adding that the recognition given to the firm and to the media company that produced the campaign by the Royal Television Society was both gratifying and a major honour.

Legal experts say that if you’ve feel that you’ve sustained an injury through no fault of your own or through the negligence of a medical professional, you should take legal advice in order to determine if you have any recourse for any pain and suffering you may have suffered as a result.

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