Former pottery worker awarded compensation for hearing loss

According to a recent article appearing in the Staffordshire Sentinel newspaper, one former pottery worker was given a personal injury compensation award of £3,000 after it was revealed that high noise levels led to permanent hearing damage.

Adrian Ward, forty two years of age, had been a twenty-year veteran of the John Tams Group, where he worked at the Longton-based Royal Grafton and Atlas Works without ever being offered any sort of hearing protection such as earplugs, despite the fact that he had worked in an extremely noisy and loud environment for two decades. Mr Ward and his team of personal injury solicitors went on a personal quest for compensation for his industrial deafness Рa legal battle that lasted several years Рbut was only recently given the £3,000 compensation award by the insurers of the business, as the John Tams Group shuttered its doors six years ago.

The pottery industry was a massive force to be reckoned with at its heyday, especially in the North Staffordshire area, as pottery companies employed more than 70,000 individuals at one time.  Personal injury claims experts say that there could be many former pottery workers that could be suffering from tinnitus or hearing loss after they were repeatedly exposed to dangerous and excessive noise levels, and these injured workers could be eligible for compensation as a result.

One legal expert that specialised industrial deafness agreed, remarking that an entire generation of workers could now be suffering from either tinnitus or hearing loss after being exposed to such high noise levels over the years. Hearing loss can have a serious impact on the lives of many, the expert added.

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