Boy injured by medical negligence to be compensated

A young boy who suffered serious injury due to medical staff administering a drug to his mother as she gave birth to him is set to receive personal injury compensation for medical negligence, according to a recent report.

Born in 2007 at Doncaster Royal Infirmary, Darryl Munashe Kupahurasa – better known by his middle name, Munashe – suffered from oxygen deprivation prior to his delivery while still in his mother’s womb. Like many other children who suffer from similar fates, this left Munashe with rain injuries that led to his diangosis of cerebral palsy, his personal injury solicitors say – a condition that leaves the boy without the ability to live independently and in dire need of 24 hour a day care.

According to an article published in the Yorkshire Post newspaper, both of Munashe’s parents made the medical negligence claim on behalf of the young five year old boy. Their team of personal injury lawyers said that Munashe suffered the injury due to mistakes made by hospital staff during his delivery, most notably the incorrect administering of a labour-inducing drug that cut off Munashe’s oxygen by making his mother’s contractions too strong.

The NHS Foundation Trust for Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals have not only apologised to Munashe and his family but have admitted full liability for the incident that led to his lifelong disability. One Trust spokesperson added that the incident had led to hard lessons being learnt and to practices being changed to avoid such tragic accidents in the future.

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