Motor accident victim claims £5 million in damages

£5 million in personal injury compensation has been paid to a motor accident victim that had a possible football career cut tragically short by the injuries he sustained in the collision, it was recently reported.

Young Luke Brock, only sixteen years of age at the time of the incident in question, had been riding his motor scooter in Thornton Heath, along Norbury Avenue, when a van struck him after its driver neglected to see the young man making a right turn. Now twenty six years of age, Mr Brock sustained serious orthopaedic injuries in the accident, with his personal injury lawyers claiming that the brain injury he sustained left him suffering from severe psychological disabilities as a result – proof that not all car accidents are spurious whiplash claims.

The young man’s dreams of playing professional football had been dashed by the severity of his injuries, as Mr Brock had trials with quite a few Premier League clubs prior to the accident. He also had no choice but to forego the business studies course he had been attending at the Coulsdon College as well, according to his personal injury lawyers.

London’s High Court decided a compensation lawsuit in favour of the injured young man, ordering a £2.05 million lump sum payment in additoin to £50,000 in payment to be made annually in order to provide the man the funds he needs to secure the care he will need for however long he may live. The compensation award will enable Mr Brock and his immediate family to relocate to a home that is more accessible for the young man, increasing his quality of life by a significant margin, a member of Mr Brock’s legal team remarked.

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