Compensation paid to girl savaged in dog attack

The personal injury solicitor team tasked with securing personal injury compensation for a girl savaged in a dog attack has prevailed, winning a £12,000 damages award, according to recent reports.

The incident, which occurred in September of 2010, saw Toni Clannachan attacked by an Akita, a large breed of dog not known for its aggressiveness, while the girl played in the home of a neighbour. Young Toni was left with serious face injuries, including a gash in her cheek that measured five inches long and also suffered a severed lip in the attack.

The young girl needed 100 stitches to repair the injuries and ha since undergone several reconstructive surgeries to repair the damage done to her face. While she is still physically scarred from her experience, Toni has plans to undergo treatment with a specialist in an attempt to reduce the scarring.

According to official reports, the dog in question had a history of violence where it attacked another dog within the neighbourhood. The dog’s owner was found guilty of neglecting to control the animal after it attacked the young girl; animal behaviour experts say that such violent action from an otherwise gentle breed – one noted for its affinity to children – indicates that the dog may have been abused quite seriously, though the unfortunate animal has since been ordered to be put down.

While Toni was initially denied compensation, an appeal hearing saw this decision overturned, with her personal injury lawyers securing her compensation of £11,990 for the dog attack. The payment will be held in a trust fund for Lori until she reaches the age of 18.

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