HSE prosecutes bacon curing firm after worker loses fingers

After a worker at a West Midlands-based bacon curing firm lost three of his fingers in a personal injury at work, the Health and Safety Executive has prosecuted the company for not taking steps to prevent the worker’s injury.

Daniel Wilfred, a twenty year old native of Walsall, had been employed by the Midland Bacon Company as a factory worker at the time of the incident, according to personal injury lawyers familiar with the case. Mr Wilfred, who had noticed that packs of bacon joints were being dropped onto the floor by one of the factory’s packaging machines, attempted to rescue the falling packs by leaning over the conveyor belt of the machine and reaching out with his left hand, only to suffer a gruesome injury when the cutting blades of the packaging machine came into contact with his hand, instantly severing three of his fingers.

The HSE launched an investigation into the incident, with inspectors making the discovery that the injured man’s employer had neglected to take measures in preventing their worker from coming into contact with the dangerous moving parts of the packaging machines within the factory. The Bloxwich-based firm, was brought before Wolverhampton Crown Court at a hearing and successfully prosecuted by the HSE, leading to a massive £30,000 fine after the company admitted to violating regulations concerning the provision and use of equipment at work.

One HSE inspector spoke out after the court hearing had concluded, remarking that employers have a duty of care towards their employees, adding that any machine with dangerous moving parts was guarded adequately and that their workers needed to be made aware of the potential risks involved in working on or around such machinery.

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