Mum awarded £1m for son’s brain injuries during delivery

One mum from Lancashire has won more than £1 million in personal injury compensation in a recent medical negligence claim for the brain injuries her son sustained during his birth.

Burnley native, Catherine Wilde, gave birth to her son Liam fifteen years ago, but complications during her delivery that were missed by medical staff resulted in the child suffering oxygen deprivation. Liam, who was delivered at the Burnley General Hospital, had pinched his umbilical cord beneath one of his arms, starving him of oxygen and leading to a diagnosis of severe cerebral palsy, which has left the teenager with mobility difficulties and limited communication skills.

Unable to complete simple everyday tasks unaided as a result of his cerebral palsy, Liam relies upon the aid of carers and his family around the clock in order to meet his basic needs. This prompted his mother to seek legal advice from a team of talented personal injury solicitors, who then launched a claim on her behalf against the NHS Trust for East Lancashire Hospitals on the grounds that hospital staff negligence led to Liam’s injuries occurring.

After a recent hearing in London’s High Court, compensation has been awarded to Ms Wilde on behalf of her son, understood to be worth more than £1 million. The award is composed of an initial lump sum payment, which will then be followed by tax free, index linked payments in order to provide for Liam’s lifetime care needs.

The NHS Trust found responsible for Liam’s injuries issued an unreserved apology to both Liam and his mother, wishing them both all the best going forward.

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