Woman falls down steps & breaks back, seeks compensation

One woman who fell down some steps and broke her back, has taken legal advice from a personal injury solicitor firm and launched a claim for personal injury compensation from the landlord of the property where the incident occurred.

The accident, which occurred to Gillian Drysdale in October of 2008 as she was moving into her new home in Harwich, Essex, occurred when Ms Drysdale slipped and tripped on the steps that led to the front of the Victorian property she was moving her belongings into. The injured woman, who was carrying a box up the stairs backwards in the rain, slipped off the unguarded stairs, falling eight feet and breaking her back; Ms Drysdale now cannot walk unaided and needs a stick to do so, according to her personal injury claims.

The property’s landlord has been named as a defendant in the claim for compensation made by Ms Drysdale on the grounds that the landlord is responsible because her husband painted the steps, causing a risk of slipping in the rain. Ms Drysdale’s legal team is also claiming that the steps required a guard or handrail, as an eight foot drop was unreasonably high.

The landlord’s legal team has contested the claim, arguing that Ms Drysdale is responsible for the accident because she was going up the steps backwards. The case, which was recently heard in London’s High Court, will be ruled upon later this year, according to the statement of the Judge presiding over the matter.

Along with falls from height, lip and trip accidents account for a large proportion of accident claims made in the UK, according to official figures.

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