£4.5m in medical negligence claims awarded by NHS Trust

The West Suffolk NHS Trust paid out in excess of £4.5 million in medical negligence compensation over the course of 2011, according to personal injury claims figures released by the organisation recently.

Most of us can’t even imagine getting our hands on that much cash, but personal injury solicitors have prevailed on behalf of their claimants to that collective tune after receiving sub-standard treatment at West Suffolk Hospital throughout the past year. The total legal bill paid out by the NHS trust was a massive £4.63 million.

Most of these personal injury claims originated from incidents leaving newborn infants with birth injuries or adults with complications after surgical procedures, according to the NHS Litigation Authority, based on statistics finding that the highest number of claims involved obstetrics, orthpaedic surgeries, and gynaecology. This newest crop of successful claims has dwarfed both 2010 and 2009 figures, which sat a combined £1.95 million, leading to Suffolk County Council to begin wondering where all their money’s going.

Scuttlebutt says that there will be an investigation into the matter launched by the local authority in the very immediate future, if the words of Suffolk County councillor Alan Murra can be believed. Mr Murry, a member of the council’s health scrutiny committee, said that it’s quite likely that the review will take place, in order to stop the haemorrhaging of cash.

The NHS Trust says it does everything it can to ensure its patients are safe and healthy. Of course sometimes accidents can happen – no one’s denying that – but such a massive increase over the past two years must be driven by something; unless local residents are becoming more frail and prone to complications, there’s not much else to say, is there?

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