Whiplash injury claims fall, but where’s the insurance drop?

Personal injury news roundup: 7 days ended 11th Sept  2012:

Consumer campaigners have been incensed after it’s been revealed that whiplash injury claims have gone down by 10 per cent in Worcester over the pas 12 months, yet there are people living in the area that are still paying massive insurance premiums.

According to one recent news story this week, there were only 1,405 personal injury claims made for whiplash in the region over the 2011-2012 year, a decrease of about 10 per cent from the previous year’s figure of 1,556. National figures have dropped as well, with the last year’s total reaching only 547,405, down around 4 per cent from 571,111.

Despite the fact that claims figures are dropping, insurance premiums are still climbing for the average Brit. This seems hard to swallow for many, considering that claims made by injured motorists are one of the driving factors behind ballooning costs for insurers; a drop in the number of claims brought by injured drivers and their personal injury solicitors should coincide with reduced costs for insurance companies, but something seems amiss.

However, another recent news story quoted the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, pointing out that it’s obvious that whiplash claims volume can no longer be tied to the whipping post as a reason that insurance premiums are rocketing upwards. Despite this, there are several that are saying that the slight reduction in the number of claims simply isn’t enough to really make a difference yet.

Robin Walker, MP for Worcester, welcomed the drop in the number of claims, but was quick to say that the entire situation bears more heavy scrutiny. There’s still a very real need to investigate claims to ensure that there aren’t spurious claims being made, Walker added, calling whiplash injury claims ‘part of the broader picture.’

Other close by regions are still suffering as well from premiums that have been called both ‘irrational’ and ‘unfair.’ MP for Blackburn, Jack Straw, has been voicing his desire for insurers to lower their premium costs after the drop in claims volumes. Blackburn, which is included in the notoriously expensive to insure BB postcode, has been hammered by high insurance quotes for quite long enough, added Straw, considering how some residents within the postcode have seen their insurance costs literally double over the past few years.

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