NHS can’t keep itself out of trouble if it tried

Personal injury news roundup: 7 days ended 18 Sept 2012:

This past week, it seemed that the NHS just kept putting its foot in it with the number of blunders committed by hospital staff and medical professionals across the country, resulting in medical negligence claims and even one instance of security roughing up a pair of parents!

Personal injury solicitor experts say that one family could soon be making a compensation claim in the wake of a child’s untimely death after surgery to correct a heart defect. Young Luke Jenkins, just seven years old at the time of the surgery, emerged unscathed, only to die one week later despite his prognosis for recovery being assessed as excellent.

An investigation into the boy’s death revealed that negligence on the part of hospital staff played a role in his untimely death, a fact that Luke’s bereaved parents, Faye Valentine and Stephen Jenkins, have been absolutely crushed to learn, and the likelihood of the couple enlisting the  help of personal injury lawyers to make a claim against the NHS seems inevitable at this point, and rightly so if the investigation uncovered negligence contributed to the boy’s death in any way.

However, it’s not just medical negligence that NHS staffers have to watch out for, as another news story revealed this week: the parents of another child were actually physically assaulted by hospital security staff as they attempted to leave the hospital with their infant daughter in tow, resulting in black eyes, bruises, and a £7,000 personal injury compensation award as well.

Ellie-Suzanne Fish was born prematurely to Bristol couple David and Beverley Fish, necessitating a six month stay in hospital to ensure the young infant would survive. Overjoyed that a consultant in charge of the Bristol Children’s Hospital gave them the green light to take their little girl home, they were confused when security staff accosted them on their way out with their child, resulting in a physical confrontation that saw both parents physically beaten – all because another consultant disagreed with the first one’s assessment.

The NHS was named in two personal injury claims made by the couple, resulting in a total of £7,000 in damages being awarded to the injured mum and dad after the NHS Trust for the hospital admitted liability.  Luckily, their child is now home with the family and is a healthy four years old.

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