Lawyers win compensation for two injured workers

Personal injury news roundup: 7 days ended 16 Oct 2012:

Personal injury lawyers for two individuals injured at their respective places of work have won both injured workers personal injury compensation.

First up this week was the £3,500 compensation award given to a Carlisle school science technician for exposure to dangerous fumes. West Cumbria native, April Walsh, had been exposed to the fumes as they escaped from a chemical cupboard that had been poorly ventilated, causing the bromine fumes to flood the science prep room Mrs Walsh was in and leading to her suffering irritation to her throat, nose, and eyes.

Not only was the room evacuated in order to isolate people from the fumes, but the room’s windows had to be smashed by firefighters in order to vent the dangerous fumes. Mrs Rose suffered from headaches and a chesty cough, which are the symptoms of bromine poisoning, and then had her legal team bring a personal injury claim against her employers, the Richard Rose Central Academy, on the grounds that the school had failed to install a ducted ventilation system within the science prep room, and the Academy admitted liability, settling with Mrs Walsh out of court for a sum of £3,500.

However, Mrs Walsh wasn’t the only employee that won a personal injury compensation claim recently, nor was her award the largest. In fact, one fifty year old car seat factory worker received a £60,000 compensation award for repetitive strain injury.

Angela McGuckin, from Washington, on Wearside, had been working at the Houghton-based Tacle Seating’s plant as a production operative, where she was responsible for using an air gun to staple fabric to foam for several years. However, after halfway through 2007, Mrs McGuckin was told that she needed to work at a high table, despite the fact that the 5ft 2in woman couldn’t carry out her work without raising her elbow above her head in a consistent manner, a fact that led to her developing pain in both her elbow and her shoulder.

The fifty year old woman complained to management for more than a year before the situation was remedied. In fact, even the company doctor’s recommendations to lower the table were ignored for several months.

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