Workers injured left and right, HSE mobilises

Personal injury news roundup: 7 days ended 6 Nov 2012:

The Health and Safety Executive has been working overtime this week as news emerges concerning a number of workers suffering injury at work recently.

First was the unfortunate story of how one man, on his first day of a new job, sustained personal injury at work after he tumbled from the back of a tipper lorry.  An unnamed man, unidentified save for the fact that he is 40 years of age, had been working to collect waste from an Acton worksite for Quick Skips & Recycling Ltd when he fell, suffering quite severe injury including a blood clot in his head, two broken ribs, and a punctured lung, resulting in the man remaining in hospital whilst unconscious for a fortnight.

The HSE’s investigators discovered that the man had been knocked from the vehicle as he worked to clear a jam on a waste load covering device. The device sprang back suddenly, causing the man’s injuries, according to testimony given in Westminster Magistrates’ Court, where Qucick Skips & Recycling Ltd was slapped with a £20,000 fine.

In related news, a painter from Birmingham also fell while at work, tumbling through the skylight on an industrial unit’s roof as he worked there. Philip Brown, a thirty six year old Sheldon man, had been taken on to work at the Kettering industrial site by KJ Smith and Sons Painters & Decorators. KJ Smith was, in turn, sub-contracted by JBN Builders Ltd.

Mr Brown had been busy at work painting the roof in question when the skylight he accidentally stepped on gave way beneath him, sending him dropping seven metres to the ground, sustaining a broken wrist, elbow, pelvis, hip, and righ tleg in the fall. The unfortunate man also sustained several cuts and bruises to his face and other head injuries, and in all he was in hospital for nearly a month.

The HSE brought both JBN and KJ Smith up on charges of breaching health and safety violations, resulting in a fine of £3,000 for the former and £4,500 for the latter.

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