Apil sends Ministry of Justice ‘letter before action’

Personal injury news roundup: 7 days ended 20 Nov 2012:

This week, the Law Society Gazette reported that the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers has put the Ministry of Justice on notice, the cheeky monkeys.

Apil has taken issue with the Ministry of Justice and told them so, sending them what’s called a ‘letter before action’ concerning the Road Traffic Accident Portal’s planned reforms. According to the Law Society Gazette, the letter addresses concerns Apil has with the portal’s extension, which is likely to occur this coming April.

The personal injury claims process is expected to be streamlined and made quicker by the inclusion of not just road traffic accident claims but public liability and employers’ liability claims for values as high as £25,000. However, Apil has been concerned about not just this portal extension by the Ministry, but also the way fixed fees are being set and the fact that the Ministry did not accept any consultation on the new plans.

The Gazette said that Apil initially sent a letter this past August to the Ministry in order to address these issues. However, the association was less than thrilled with the MoJ’s initial response on 31 October; association members were informed that the return missive was not just brief tub unhelpful as well.

Now that Apil has sent a new letter indicating its intention to take legal issue with the Ministry of Justice if they continue on their current path, the Ministry has until 23 November to draft a response to the newest missive. Neglecting to do so could mean that the association will take legal action against the Ministry.

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