‘Thank goodness for my helmet,’ claims one injured cyclist

Personal injury news roundup: 7 days ended 1 Jan 2013:

Being in a road traffic accident can lead to gruesome and debilitating injuries – especially if you’re a cyclist – but wearing a helmet can save your life.

That’s the story told by Linda Groomes, a 59 year old mum and grandmum that ended up in hospital for two long years following an RTA. The cyclist had been pushing her bicycle across the road, she said, when she was hit by a car, sustaining myriad broken bones and a brain injury that changed her life forever.

Mrs Groomes took all the precautions she could – wearing a cycle helmet, adhering to road safety guidelines, and wearing high visibility clothing whenever cycling – yet she was still struck whilst crossing the road. It was only due to her helmet that she survived the ordeal at all, the woman affirms, even though her brain injuries have left her with life-changing injuries that leave her easily disorientated, distressed, or upset, while other physiological changes such as being unable to manage her tears or temper or needing he use of a wheelchair on occasion further limit her mobility and quality of life.

Thankfully, Mrs Goomes’ team of personal injury solicitors have since made sure the woman will be able to pay for the are she needs. The injured woman has since received an undisclosed personal injury compensation payment in the wake of her car accident claim. Mrs Groomes’ daughter, Trisha, expressed her feelings of relief that her mother has the financial wherewithal now to have her care needs met, as her mother will most likely need the aid of a carer for the rest of her life.

Mrs Groomes has since moved from her second-story flat to one on the first storey in order to accommodate her reduced mobility. The injured woman, who spoke out in the wake of Road Safety Week as a warning to all drivers and cyclists to be careful on the roads, has plans to move to a more comfortable bungalow in the future and will be able to do so much more easily thanks to her compensation award.

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